InstantWatch AML - Anti Money Laundering


InstantWatch AML provides automatic surveillance against money laundering/AML and terrorist financing. The AML module implements requirements of the third EU Money Laundering Directive.

Risk Based approach

The system performs an automatic risk calculation of customers, accounts, and transactions. Factors and properties such as nationality, domicile, account type, and product are the basis for risk analysis.

Automatic transaction surveillance

The system's automatic surveillance module performs advanced pattern analysis of each transaction, according to the specified scenarios in EU and other laws/directives. The system issues a warning when it finds a pattern match. Each warning is handled as a case that needs to be investigated and documented. InstantWatch provides powerful tools to assist the user in this process.

Service for control against PEP and sanction lists

The system automatically checks customers against PEP and sanction/terrorist lists. InstantWatch AML is fully integrated with InstantWatch KYC.