InstantWatch KYC - Know Your Customer

InstantWatch KYC is an easily accessible web based service for know your customer.

"Know Your Customer", KYC is an important part of EU's third anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing directive, and in laws based on the directive.

All customers/clients should be checked against sanctions and terrorist lists. In Sweden all clients living outside of Sweden should be checked against PEP lists (Political Exposed Person). In InstantWatch KYC screening is carried out against EU's and UN's sanctions lists and against WorldCompliance PEP lists.

Trapets InstantWatch KYC is a web based service for this. The service can be reached in several different ways:

  • Manually via a user friendly web interface
  • Automatically via other system integrated against the service, like the fund administration system Fonda and the portfolio system Secura
  • Automatically from Trapets AML or Fraud module, InstantWatch AML

All clients can initially be screened at once in a batch. After that new clients should be screened when registered and all clients maybe screened once a year.