InstantWatch BI - Business Intelligence


In the Market, AML, and Fraud modules, all transactions are stored in a database. These data and statistics support pattern analysis, and issued warning/errand investigation.

Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

The number of stored transactions generated by the system creates a massive data warehouse. Trapets BI is a very powerful tool that is extremely well qualified to search and correlate data and facts, which guide smart business decisions.


With Trapets BI, the user is able to select what is measured. Some examples are:

  • Number of issued warnings
  • Quantity and turnover from stock exchange trades and orders
  • Quantity and turnover of charge backs, retrieval requests rejects


Trapets BI gives the user the opportunity to select dimensions to investigate. Some examples are:

  • Time (year, month, day, hour, minute)
  • Market (stock exchange), member, broker, customer
  • Customer group, customer
  • Transaction group, transaction type
  • Merchant group, merchant