About IFTS Solutions

About Us

IFTS.Solutions is an global leader in software and IT services for Islamic banks and financial institutions. Its solutions help customers more efficient, agile and responsive to business challenges. The market has long recognized the company's constituent partner Tarpets and Ababil.

IFTS Solutions established itself as a consistent and reliable software company through its commitment and dedication towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company specializes in software solutions that provide competitive advantage by improving decision-making process and enhancing business performance of customers. IFTS believes in a unique, upscale and innovative work environment to provide better customer satisfaction through quality innovation. We continually strive to build such an atmosphere, which will spawn innovation in delivering higher value for money to our customers.

We also provide/arrange training through our quality training partners and involved in commodity trading/manufacturing business. We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and trader of recycled plastics.


IFTS.Solutions main goal is to be a global leader in Islamic banking software and finance industry for a diverse range of customers, no matter what their core business or size, type and location of their organization is. To achieve this aim, we provide a consistent, comprehensive offering through a software vendor business model.

Our Partners

In order to excel in achieving our mission, we have partnered with following organizations who are leading in their respective fields:
    1. Devnet: our archiving solution partner.
    2. Millennium: our banking solution partner.
    3. KTI: our marketing and trading partner.