Anti Money Laundering training

1 Basic training

What is money laundering and terrorism financing?

The basic training program addresses measures against money laundering and terrorism financing, with a briefing of the act, regulations and directives.

Target group: All employees at companies governed by the act and/or supervised by the FSA.

2 AML in day to day business

This training program focuses on interpretation of the act and regulations in the day to day business. We address and discuss different trends, methods and measures against money laundering such as: Basic and enhanced customer due diligence, reporting obligations, suspicious transactions and monitoring, prohibition of disclosure.

Target group: Staff in Customer Services, back office and brokers of companies covered by the Act and/or supervised by the FSA.

3 Custom workshops and advanced training on AML and terrorist financing

Workshop and training with a focus on interpretation of local laws and regulations and practical advice on implementation of the act in your business and required activities such as:

Risk-Based approach, reporting to FSA and/or the National Police Enforcement, Politically exposed persons and beneficial owner, Investigation and surveillance, Procedures and Internal Control and routines.

Target group: Compliance Officers, managers and staff at surveillance department