Risk Management

IFTS provides Risk Management consulting services to organizations who want to control “risk” in acceptable level. In today’s business world, organizations of all types and sizes face internal and external factors and influences that make it uncertain whether and when they will achieve their objectives. IFTS’s qualified risk management professionals help the organization to assess the organizational risk which might have impact on achieving the strategic and business goals of the organization.

All activities of an organization involve risk. IFTS risk professional helps the organizations to manage risk by identifying it, analyzing it and then evaluating whether the risk should be modified by risk treatment in order to satisfy their risk criteria. Throughout this process, they communicate and consult with stakeholders and monitor and review the risk and the controls that are modifying the risk in order to ensure that no further risk treatment is required.

IFTS uses international standards and best practices for Risk Management to develop, implement and establish a framework whose purpose is to integrate the process for managing risk into the organization's overall governance, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies, values and culture.

Risk Management can be applied to an entire organization, at its many areas and levels, at any time, as well as to specific functions, projects and activities. IFTS helps the organization to define risk management scope based on the organizational need.