IFTS Solutions offers local and international money remittance services, mobile banking and end-to-end Business & IT Consulting services in Malaysia. IFTS Solutions engage experienced and certified consultants to its clients to understand their business processes; identify the pain points and provide cost-effective solution so that organization can sustain and excel in business operations. IFTS offers following services and solutions to its clients/customers in Malaysian market:

Money Remittance Services:

  • Local and international money remittance services
  • Money Remittance Gateway
  • Mobile banking with micro-credit capability to unbanked and under-served population in Malaysia

Islamic Finance:

  • Complete Shariah based Islamic Banking Solution
  • Complete Agent Banking Solution

Consulting Services:

  • EFT Pre-paid Card Issuing Platform with Mobile Access
  • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Services Consulting
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • IT & Information Security Governance Services Consulting
  • Business Continuity Consulting services
  • ATM & POS Acquiring Platform
  • EFT Switch & EFT National Network for the country
  • Money remittance Gateway
  • PCI DSS Consulting
  • IT System Audit
  • Software Development Services
  • Web development/creative services
  • E-commerce/Database development
  • Web Application Software
  • Search-engine optimization
  • Internet marketing
  • Content Management System and Solutions

Digital Archiving Services:

  • Scanning, archiving, indexing, search and retrieval
  • Electronic document management system (EDMS)
  • RFID/barcode based file record management

Software Development Services:

  • eCommerce and web based application development
  • Business automation and solution development